Midwive’s working with Doctor’s & other health care teams to complement maternity care in your community

Maternity Care from early pregnancy to 6-8 weeks postpartum

Just found out you are pregnant..

We aim to reduce the common delay to obtaining health care, what are my options and how does this work?

  • Understand what care providers are available and what each care provider can offer through your pregnancy, labour and delivery and post birth care
  • Understand initial blood work, what is a dating ultrasound and how do you get those underway.
  • Ask questions ‘ Is this normal?’
Pregnancy can be a stressful time, let us help you navigate through your pregnancy and new Parenthood

Don’t ask Google, Ask us!

Advocacy for yourself, your partner and your baby

How can you advocate for yourself if you don’t know or understand the options that are available to you..what is informed choice and how is the standard of informed choice met.

Having a support system is helpful when you are expecting and/or facing your new roles as parents.

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Get information
  3. Navigate tests and appointments, what to expect, questions that you may want to ask
  4. Access to healthcare providers, what are your options in your area where you live, do you understand all the options available to you to find the care provider that matches your needs.

A good health care advocate is someone who you trust, ansd acts in your best interest and champions your health care rights.

What do we do so that you can advocate for yourself and others

  1. Informed Choice and what that means
  2. Provide information
  3. Answer your questions


  • Do you have a client who would like to know what her options are?
  • How can you best support your client in a particular situation?
  • Does your client want to speak with an independent care provider?
  • Contact us now on how we can help support you and your client info@maternitytree