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Midwife Philosophy

Midwifery Philosophy

My Midwifery philosophy stems from an ethic constructed around the concept of supporting women, and an enduring fascination with the human journey from conception to birth.

As a Midwife, my aim is to support each woman in my care so that she genuinely has the opportunity to be a truly empowered decision maker during one of the most momentous occasions of her life.

In my practice I want to provide supportive care throughout the childbearing journey, which reinforces each woman’s belief in her innate ability to labour and birth, working alongside her to counter and minimise fear.

By embracing the responsibility of lifelong learning, and the dynamic nature of midwifery practice, I will ensure that I am providing safe, current, evidence informed guidance to women, and practicing Midwifery within this context. Ensuring that the women I care for have access to up to date, unbiased, evidence based information, will allow me to support women in making informed choices about their care, and in identifying their preferences for pregnancy, labour, birth, and caring for their baby.

I will support safety by ensuring that I do not step out of the bounds of my practice. This means ensuring that I practice in a collaborative manner with other healthcare providers, fostering the development of professional and mutually beneficial relationships with other healthcare professionals.

Midwives are in a privileged position to walk with women through their childbearing journey. This presents the Midwife with an opportunity to promote healthy behaviours which can resonate through all aspects of a woman and her family’s life. I believe that health promotion is of vital importance to our community, and is something that I will incorporate throughout my practice in manner that is sensitive to the needs and receptiveness of each individual woman, and in the spirit of therapeutic partnership.

I believe that the Midwife reaches her full potential in independent practice, and I will continue to gain a broad base of practical experience and education in order to attain this professional goal.

Having a desire to reach this goal means that I also have a responsibility to do my part to ensure that Midwifery and Midwifery independent practice is promoted positively in the community, so that the base of opportunity in independent practice continues to grow, and women’s choices in maternity care are protected and broadened.